Golden Crown State Initiative

AFF and the Montana DNRC have joined forces to help connect landowners like you to the free information and resources available to them.

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About Us

The Golden Crown Stewardship Initiative (GCSI) is a brand new partnership designed to connect landowners, like you, with resources to help you manage your land for your priorities. We can provide you with anything from information materials, to in-person help to determine if you’re eligible for technical and financial assistance.

As we kick off this effort this fall, we want to hear from you! Please click the link below to take a brief survey, and help us understand what you need most from us.

The Need

Montana is no stranger to wildfire. And whether you own 100 trees, or 100 acres of trees, there are things you can do on your land to mitigate your risk of a severe fire, while also safeguarding a critical watershed from the resulting impact.

Whether you are interested in enhancing wildlife habitat, improving water quality, or mitigating your risk for wildfire, or you simply want to learn more about what you can do to improve the health of your woods, GCSI is here to connect you with resources and support to promote healthier and resilient woods for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

About the Partners

The American Forest Foundation (AFF), a non-governmental organization, works on behalf of family forest owners around the country who want to ensure their woods stay healthy for all the reasons they love why we love our woods – wildlife, recreation, solitude, a place to enjoy with family and friends.

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is charged with ensuring that Montana’s land and water resources provide benefits for present and future generations. The DNRC’s Forestry Division provides fire protection and landowner assistance to private forest owners across the state. Assistance opportunities include free consultations with DNRC service foresters, guidance on forest practices laws, discounted seedlings through the state nursery, answers to your questions about forest insects and disease, and cost-share funding through the DNRC stewardship program.


DNRC Forestry Assistance

The Forestry Assistance Bureau (FAB) provides service to communities and private landowners to promote sustainable forests and watersheds for the benefit of all Montanans. Visit this website for more information on assistance in topics ranging from identifying and managing forest pests, to our state nursery’s high quality discounted seedlings for conservation plantings, to cost-share assistance to help you achieve your stewardship goals

MSU Extension Forestry

The mission of Extension Forestry is to provide education and outreach to landowners like you around Montana. Visit this site for information ranging from core Forest Stewardship Planning Workshops to topic-specific workshops like Windbreaks/Living Snowfences, Alternative Forest Management Practices, Wildfire Hazard Reduction, and Tree Pruning and Care. Extension Forestry also provides outreach through various tools including a calendar, news-releases, listservs, twitter, brochures and publications.

My Land Plan

MyLandPlan is a resource provided by the American Forest Foundation (AFF) for woodland owners, by woodland owners to help you protect and enjoy your woods. The Land Plan tool offers easy ways for you to get more involved in the health of your woods. After you create a profile, you will have access to the Land Plan tool, an exclusive area of the website. The planning tool lets you:

  • Map the boundaries of your land
  • Add features and special sites like trails, special trees and other favorite spots
  • Set goals and plan actions to protect and care for your land
  • Receive information specially tailored for what you want to do on your land
  • Record your actions and experiences in your own personalized forest journal, and share them with others if you want

For more information please take our survey, or contact Ashley Juran at